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Strategies to Keep Your Metal Building Warm in Winter

keep your steel building warm

Struggling to keep your metal building warm during the winter? There  is a solution! Winter months can be harsh, especially in cold climates. If you own a metal building or steel structure, you might be concerned about how to keep it warm during the cold days of winter. Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your metal […]

Metal Buildings and Natural Disasters – Which One Wins

Can Metal Buildings Withstand Natural Disasters? We have all seen the damage that inclement weather can do to homes and other buildings. But are metal buildings immune to this potential devastation? Let’s take a quick look at metal buildings and natural disasters. Fire Let’s start with a crucial aspect of construction – fire resistance. We’ve […]

Getting a Steel Garage Quote: 10 Questions You Should Ask

Are You Looking For A Steel Garage Quote? Steel construction is a great choice if you’re looking to build a new garage. After all, compared to garages constructed of other materials such as wood, steel garages are more robust, damage-resistant, long-lasting, and simple to put together. Comparing prices or figuring out whether the buildings each […]

Are Steel Buildings Cheaper Than Wood?

So, Are Steel Buildings Cheaper Than Wood? As noted in previous posts, steel construction has a plethora of advantages over its lumber counterpart. However, many people get a quote on a steel building and immediately assume that wood is the way to go. Not so fast. If you only consider the initial expenditures, constructing a […]

Metal Building Add-Ons – Are They A Good Idea?

Metal Building Add-Ons Metal building additions are rapidly becoming known as a cost-effective option to increase your square footage. Metal expansions are a viable solution to increase space to commercial businesses, storage facilities, warehouses, garages, community, and governmental structures. Metal building add-ons are both practical and long-lasting because they let you stay in your current […]

Are Metal Buildings Safe From Termite Damage?

Are Metal Buildings Safe From Termite Damage? Due to their longevity, metal buildings can shield you from the effects of numerous damaging natural disasters, like hurricanes, fires and more. Unexpectedly, termites and dry rot, which steadily eat away at your structural basis, are the most destructive destroyers to a building. But can metal constructions protect […]

The Importance Of Steel Building Maintenance

Steel Building Maintenance – 3 Tips One of the many advantages of owning a metal building is how simple it is to maintain. Metal buildings require minimal maintenance and repairs due to their longevity and ability to endure the harsh environment. If you put in a little effort into correctly maintaining your structure, it will […]

Are Steel Buildings Environmentally Friendly?

 Since the 1970s, people have been paying greater attention to the planet and how decisions affect the environment.  Green buildings have grown in popularity, and the steel industry has reduced carbon emissions, water use, and energy use. Steel structures not only help to reduce environmental consequences, but they also help to create an aesthetic appeal. Steel-framed […]

Metal Buildings Roof Pitch Explained

Have You Ever Wondered About Metal Buildings Roof Pitch Options? Steel building construction enables the quick and cost-effective construction of boxlike warehouses and simple manufacturing facilities. However, by making a simple and inexpensive change to the steel building’s roof pitch, you can transform its exterior appearance from drab-industrial to upscale-aesthetically pleasing new construction. Furthermore, increasing […]

Metal Shed Buying Tips

Thinking About Investing In A Metal Shed? A metal shed is ideal for anyone who has items that must be kept safe and secure, such as gardening tools, mowers, and other equipment. In fact, a steel shed can be used for a variety of purposes too numerous to mention here. However, selecting the best shed […]

Advantages Of A Metal Carport

Are You Wondering About The Advantages Of A Metal Carport? If you live in Florida and don’t have a carport, you’ve will want to investigate getting one. Metal carports not only provide a space for your vehicle, but they also provide weather protection and can come with walls if you want to add storage space […]

Does A Metal Carport Increase Property Value?

Does A Metal Carport Increase Property Value?  Here Is The Truth! As a property owner in Florida, you will do whatever it takes to increase the value of your property. You increase your assets by adding value. While there are numerous options available, installing a metal carport is one of the most effective and prudent. […]

How To Insulate An Existing Metal Building? 3 Popular Methods

How To Insulate An Existing Metal Building – The 3 Most Popular Methods If you live in an area with extreme heat or cold, you will definitely want to insulate your new metal building. But what if you just purchased a new property that included a steel building that has not been insulated?  Or perhaps you […]

How To Keep Your Metal Building Cool In Florida

How To Keep Your Metal Building Cool In The Summer! CF Steel Buildings and Supply is located in the great state of Florida.  And if there is one thing we are sure about it is this: Florida is hot. When planning your metal building construction, keep this stifling heat in mind because it will have […]

Can Metal Buildings Help Against Hurricanes?

  Steel Buildings and Hurricanes – Who Wins? For those of us who live in Florida, we can attest to the fact that hurricanes are scary. The problem? They are also pretty common here. But what about the rest of the country? Well, there are actually several states who are forced to confront hurricanes.  Florida, […]

How To Make Metal Buildings Last Longer

Are You Looking To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Steel Building? Steel buildings are in high demand right now! But how can the average homeowner make metal buildings last longer? However, when problems with steel buildings, or any other type of construction, they usually spring from the same problem: a lack of sufficient care and […]

Small Metal Carports – Is It Time To Take The Plunge?

Why Should You Invest In A Small Metal Carport? Do you want to keep your automobile or truck safe against hail damage? Do you get tired of trying to deal with constant sun, rain, and sand? The answer is  small metal carports from Central Florida Steel Buildings and Supply! Our metal carports are incredibly durable […]

Metal Buildings and The Weather

Metal Buildings and The Weather Hurricane season is coming up, and while Florida has been relatively safe in the past few years, building engineers have made advancements in structural durability with pre-engineered metal buildings. These buildings can withstand nature’s most treacherous moments, providing building owners with maximum damage protection. Metal Buildings And Nature While the […]

Cost To Build A Steel Building – A Guide For 2020

Steel Building Description and The Cost   Steel or metal buildings are steel framed structures that are designed for simple installation and sturdy long-lasting durability without the constant upkeep of traditional buildings. Metal buildings can be used in a variety of ways including: Residential: carports, garages, barns, sheds, workshops and more. Commercial: storage units, storefronts […]

Metal Buildings For Sale

  Metal Buildings For Sale In The State of Florida. Are you looking for a metal buildings for sale in the Sunshine State?  Whether you are searching for a 20-by-20 garages or perhaps a 24-by-25 carport, Central Florida Steel Buildings and Supply Inc. has what you need. See Our Metal Buildings Here! Buying a steel […]

Double Metal Carports – A Guide

Looking for a Two Car Metal Carport? If you have two vehicles as most families do, standard double metal carports are perfect for you. However, if you only have one car, you will want to protect valuables such as lawnmowers, ATV’s, motorcycles, bikes and small boats.  In that case the two-car carport will also be […]

Steel Building Buying Tips

It’s time. You are finally ready to lay down your hard-earned money for a new metal building. Perhaps you need a brand-new office building for you expanding business. Or maybe you own horses and decide its time to an indoor facility for riding.  Possibly, you need a workshop, barn, or shed. You have undoubtedly heard […]

Metal Buildings Systems

  Are You Interested in Metal Buildings Systems? When a business or homeowner begins planning a new building, the first decision is…how big? However, the more important question is, “how much space do I need now and how much will I need later”? More and more the choice for large-sized structures is metal building systems. […]

5 Reasons You Should Own A Metal Building

Whether it is a garage, workshop or 150,000 square foot retail structure, a metal building is a fantastic option.  If steel buildings are a new concept to you, then here are 5 reasons you should own a metal building. Increase Property Value Adding an attractive, functional metal building to your property is a guaranteed investment.  […]

Steel Workshops – A Breakdown

  Are you interested in steel workshops? If so, continue reading. In the ever-growing construction world, steel continues to be one of the most frequently used materials on the planet. The amazing durability of steel and its corrosion resistance makes it the perfect material for buildings such as garages, sheds, carports, and workshops. Workshops made […]

Metal Building Homes – A Practical Guide

Have You Heard About Metal Building Homes? See all of our metal buildings! Everyone knows about the many benefits of steel buildings when used as a warehouse or garage, but were you aware that metal building homes are now a thing?  These days, home buyers of all ages are looking to get the most bang […]