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Steel Building Maintenance – 3 Tips

One of the many advantages of owning a metal building is how simple it is to maintain.

Metal buildings require minimal maintenance and repairs due to their longevity and ability to endure the harsh environment.

If you put in a little effort into correctly maintaining your structure, it will easily stand the test of time.

However, you should be aware of a few maintenance ideas to help maintain your building looking and performing at its best, both during construction and in the years to come.

Inspect Your Building

Inspection is the most basic form of maintenance.

Examine the structure twice a year for any damage or alterations that may have happened. Inspect after any renovations or new building, as well as after a severe weather occurrence.

Keep an eye out for the tiny issues so you can correct it before it becomes a large problem. 

Steel Building Maintenance

Establishing a regular maintenance routine is a smart idea.

Schedule inspections at times that are appropriate for the local climate.

For example, a date in the winter after the conclusion of hurricane season in Florida.

Keep track of your maintenance. Create a well-organized record-keeping system, whether it’s on paper or on the computer.

Dates and findings of inspections, as well as the date and nature of any repairs, should all be kept on file.

Add receipts and warranty information to the file if materials or equipment are purchased.

Any repairs or improvements should be documented with images, and contact information for all contractors or whoever handled the work should be included.

This type of information will aid in the resolution of any questions that may arise later about what was done or how it was done. It could also be useful for complying with government safety standards or filing insurance claims, such as after a natural disaster.

Clean Your Steel Building

All structures naturally gather dirt, grime, grease, leaves, bird poop, and mineral deposits. The longer the filth accumulates, the greater the risk of corrosion and oxidation causing harm to your metal structure.

The color of steel building panels can be degraded by ultraviolet light (UV), just as it can on your car.  pressure washing

 Glossy panels that were once brilliant and appealing fade over time, especially in very sunny southern locations.

Some of the powdery white covering is washed away by rain, but not all of it.

The chalk-like film is removed by washing a metal building and performing proper metal building care, retaining the structure’s excellent aesthetics and original shiny color.

Use a soft-bristled brush or a low-pressure power washer to remove debris after mixing any type of gentle household cleaning agent, including ammonia, with warm water.

If you need something a little more powerful to get rid of mildew and fungus, add a cup of bleach to the mix.

Fix Any Damage

Any trouble areas located during the inspection should be fixed immediately.

While a small hole in a steel panel or a crack in the paint may not appear to be dangerous, it is critical to undertake minor repairs as quickly as possible.

Water can get into these cracks, and heat and prolonged exposure to the elements can quickly compound any flaws in your building’s exterior.

Make sure any holes are filled, and scratches are repaired with primer and paint. Apply a heavy coat of refinisher to small scratches in your translucent skylight panels.


These simple maintenance procedures can keep steel buildings looking good and functioning well for many, many year.

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