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How To Keep Your Metal Building Cool In The Summer!

CF Steel Buildings and Supply is located in the great state of Florida.  And if there is one thing we are sure about it is this:

Florida is hot.

When planning your metal building construction, keep this stifling heat in mind because it will have a significant impact on the inside temperature.

In other words, consider the energy cost that you will incur when your HVAC system works harder and longer to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Fortunately, you can use a range of strategies in your steel buildings, including insulation and landscaping.

This article will go through several concepts and how effective they are in cooling your building. 

how to keep your metal building cool

These tips will keep you comfortable while lowering your energy use and answer the question, “how to keep your metal building cool in the summer”?

Utilize Awnings: 

Awnings are a great way to provide some cooling to your metal building.

If your building has windows, consider installing awnings to provide shade.

They will prevent the sun’s rays from entering. As a result, the shed is kept cool.

This is a low-cost means of shielding goods within the structure from direct sunlight.

Cool Storage System That Is Environmentally Friendly

If you are located in Florida, thus being prone to extreme summer heat, another solution is to invest in a cold storage system.

Keeping in mind that it is a very expensive option, it is an excellent solution.

These systems manage to keep a metal building cool by creating ice at night and then using it during the day while the sun is attempting to penetrate the roof.


Equipping your garage, barn, or workshop for cross-ventilation is a smart and economical way to prepare it for hot summer weather.

You can personalize your steel structure by adding doors or windows.

Some ventilation systems that you can incorporate into your building to help with energy costs include:

  • Electric Fans
  • Gravity vents 
  • Dehumidifiers
  • HVAC systems


Smart landscaping can significantly aid in the cooling of your home.

You may shade the west- and south-facing walls and windows of your steel building with trees and shrubs, substantially cooling the surface.

 Roofs are shaded from the intense summer sun by trees.

Walls can be kept cool by planting shrubs and vines.

If humidity is an issue, make sure to allow some distance between the plants and the house. This will avoid moisture buildup.

Coating Your Building

Dark colors, as we all know, draw more sunlight than lighter ones.

This premise can be used in building design to assist reduce heat.

It is beneficial to use lighter, more reflecting paint colors and coatings on your metal structure such as garages.


Insulation is utilized for more than just keeping your building warm in the winter. It’s also a great strategy to keep older and younger buildings cool.  30x50x12 Standard Steel Building

 Insulation functions as a barrier, preventing hot air from entering your structure.

One of the most cost-effective strategies to lower your heating and cooling expenditures is to insulate your building frame.


Metal structures are an excellent addition to any property. They, too, heat up, just like other sorts of buildings.

There are, however, ways to keep them cool.

Make use of the measures listed above to prepare your building for that inevitable Florida heat!  We hope we have answered your question on how to keep your metal building cool in Florida.

If you are ready to build your energy efficient steel building, contact us or give us a call at 1-844-372-3464.